Mandarin hatching eggs

Mandarin ducks are closely related to the Wood Duck. Drakes are a strikingly handsome bird with a large red bill, a white crescent over the eye, maroon breast with black and white vertical stripes, and 2 orange sails at the back of the body.

Wild Mandarin ducks nest in thick wooded areas near shallow ponds or marshes. Nests are located in hollow trees or tree cavities. They are perching ducks that eat aquatic plants,acorns, grain,land snails and fish. They can often be found perching in trees or on the ground during the day.

Mandarins kept in captivity will need nesting boxes 12 inches or more deep and at least 2 feet high. Average clutch size is 8-12 eggs and incubation period is 28-30 days. Newly hatched Mandarins leave the nest the same day as hatched and are excellent climbers, being able to climb back into the nesting box on their own. They are able to fly at 6 weeks and are fully mature in one year.


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