Duck hatching eggs

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Hatching duck eggs is similar to chicken eggs, but one tip is to lightly spray your eggs once a day with lukewarm tap water from the 4th to the 26th day of incubation. Sprayed eggs dehydrate more than unsprayed eggs.

Duck eggs can be stored for 7-10 days before incubation.  They should be kept in a cool, dry area and turn them once a day to keep the membrane from sticking to the shell.

Eggs hatched in an incubator must be kept at the correct relative humidity.
50-55% is the ideal setting for duck and geese eggs.  The temperature for duck hatching eggs should be  99.2F  and 99.5F for geese eggs for the first 2 weeks. It’s advisable to run the incubator at least 2 days before incubating the eggs to ensure the incubator is operating properly.

From day 15 to day 25 lower the temperature to 99F for duck eggs, but keep geese eggs at 99.5F. Day 26 until hatching keep the temperature at 98.6F for duck eggs.

Newly hatched ducklings should not be removed from the incubator until they are completely dry.

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This duck hatching video shows a successful hatch!

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